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Air Valve

The exhaust valve is a valve in a turbocharged engine system that separates the exhaust gas from the turbine. The separation of exhaust gas reduces the turbine speed and the compressor speed accordingly.
  • Double Mouths Automatic Exhaust Valve

    Structure and purpose The valve is made up of body, bonnet and float ball etc. It is fixed in water piepline and serves as an equipment of removing gas inside the pipe. It improves the equipment efficiency and protects the pipe against cracking and is a kind of necessary...
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  • Single Mouth Quick Exhaust Valve

    A valve for quickly exhausting a working chamber such as for a press clutch and brake actuator. A cylindrical body has a bore open to the chamber and leading to a transverse vent passage. A poppet is slidable in said body between a closed position separating the chamber from...
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  • Complex Exhaust Valve

    The valve is made up of body, float ball, lever and disc etc. Generally, it is fixed in outlet or water supply pipe to discharge the air gathered in the pipe so as to improve the efficiency of the pipes and the pumps. While the negative pressure is presented, the valve...
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  • Automatic Exhaust Valve

    Automatic exhaust valve is a device used for exhaust of HVAC system and HVAC system during operation. During the operation of HVAC and HVAC systems, many harmful effects such as hydrogen and oxygen released by water during heating will damage the system and reduce the thermal...
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