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Complex Exhaust Valve

Complex Exhaust Valve

The valve is made up of body, float ball, lever and disc etc. Generally, it is fixed in outlet or water supply pipe to discharge the air gathered in the pipe so as to improve the efficiency of the pipes and the pumps. While the negative pressure is presented, the valve promptly absorb the exterior air to prevent the pipe from destroy due to the negative pressure, which ensures the safety of pipeline.
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Complex exhaust valve is used in the highest point or closed place of the pipeline. It relies on the elimination of gas in the pipeline to dredge the pipeline and achieve normal work. If no exhaust valve is installed, the pipeline will be blocked at any time, which means that the outlet capacity of the pipeline can not meet the design requirements. Secondly, when the pipeline is in operation, power failure occurs, and negative pressure occurs in time, the pipeline will vibrate or rupture. The exhaust (suction) valve will quickly suck air into the pipeline to prevent the pipeline from vibration or rupture.

Woring principle 

When water enters the pipe, the float ball stops at the bottom of the barrel for a large amount of exhaust gas. When the air is exhausted, the water enters the compound exhaust valve to float the ball to close and stop exhaust gas. When the pipe is in normal operation, a small amount of gas will naturally be generated. At this time, the gas will concentrate on the upper part of the pipe to a considerable extent, and the compound exhaust valve will be underwater. Down, the buoy descends down the water and the gas is discharged from the orifice. If there is a power outage, when the water in the pipe is empty, there will be negative pressure at any time, the float ball drops down the water, opening small holes to drive large holes for a large number of air supply to ensure the safety of the pipeline.

Note: The pressure of the composite exhaust valve is not less than 0.03Mpa during operation. If the pressure is less than 0.03Mpa, the exhaust valve will leak easily. A valve must be fitted for overhaul.

Technical parameter editor

1. Work pressure: 1.0 Mpa

2. medium: clear water.

3. Use Temperature: Normal Temperature

4. body: HT200

5. Floating Ball and Plug: Stainless Steel

6. Sealing material: NBR

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