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Metal Seal Ball Valve

  • Wafer V-port Segment Valve

    The Wafer Segmented Ball Valve is a quarter-turn control valve.Wafer Segmented Ball Valve core is designed with a special V shape notch. This consequently contributes to strong shear force and precise flow control. Thus, Hiton’s Wafer Segmented Ball Valve is especially...
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  • API Ball Valve Hard Face

    Product Description
    3PC Forged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
    Trunnion mounted ball valves are designed in accordance with API 6D featuring 2 pc or 3 pc split body, side entry or top entry design.
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  • Metal Seat Forged Ball Valve Flotaing

    Pressure-temprature rating:DIN 2401
    End welded:DIN 3239
    Test & Inspection:DIN 3230
    Design & Manufacturing:EN10739
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  • Metal Seat Trunnion-mounted Ball Valve

    Metal Seat Trunnion Ball Valve
    High Temperature Service
    General soft seat ball valve working temperatureis limited uo to 400° F, but metal-seat ball valves are guaranteed for a maximum service temperature of 800° F.
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  • V Port Segment Valve

    DN 25~250mm
    NPS 1”-10” (wafer type)
    DN 25~500mm
    NPS 1”-20” (flange type)
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