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Butterfly Valve

Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Eccentric Butterfly Valve

1. Product Overview A. New design, reasonable structure and light weight. B. Because of the use of stainless steel self-lubricating composite material as bushing, so that the valve operating moment is small, quick and convenient to open and close. C. The sealing part is easy to adjust and replace, with excellent sealing performance and long service life. D. The inner and outer surfaces of valves can be coated with different anticorrosive materials depending on the medium and service environment. E. According to the user's usage, you can choose a variety of installation forms and driving modes. The eccentric soft-sealing flange butterfly valve developed by our company has compact structure, easy 90 degree rotary switch, reliable sealing and long service life. It is widely used in water plant, power plant, steel plant, paper-making, chemical industry, catering and other systems for water supply and drainage as regulation and cut-off use. Two, characteristics 1. The valve adopts eccentric structure and has the sealing function of tighter and tighter closure. The sealing performance is reliable. 2. Sealing accessory material is matched with stainless steel and oil-resistant NBR with long service life. 3. Rubber sealing ring can be located on the valve body or on the butterfly plate. It can be used in different media for users to choose. 4. The butterfly plate adopts frame structure with high strength, large overflow area and small flow resistance. 5. The whole paint can effectively prevent rust and can be used in different media as long as the sealing material of the sealing seat is replaced. 6. The valve has two-way sealing function. It can be installed in any direction without the control of medium flow direction or the influence of space position. 7. The valve has unique structure, flexible operation, labor saving and convenience.
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Material introduction

1, valve body

1.1 Casting materials such as valve body and butterfly plate adopt ductile iron QT450-10 or materials with higher mechanical properties. Casting process is resin sand and lost foam. Hot metal castings produced by electric furnace are used to ensure the physical and chemical properties of castings. The surface of butterfly valve castings should be smooth and meet the technical requirements of GB12227. The castings should be heat treated to eliminate internal stress. Trademark and material grades are cast on the valve body.

1.2 The material of flange is the same as that of valve body. The flange shall be cast into one body, and the flange shall conform to the relevant provisions of GB/T 17241.6-98.

2. Butterfly plate

2.1 The design stress of butterfly plate can withstand the load of 1.5 times maximum pressure difference acting on butterfly valve (closed state). The structure design of butterfly plate has smaller flow resistance.

2.2 When the valve is opened, the resistance coefficient is not more than 0.3.

3, stem

3.1 Stem material is made of horse-shaped stainless steel and above, which meets the technical requirements of GB1220. The stem is designed as an integral shaft, and the length of the insertion hole is not less than 1.5 times the diameter of the shaft.

4, bearing

4.1 Valve body bearings are bronze. At the maximum valve load, the friction coefficient of the bearing does not exceed 0.25.

5. Valve drive mechanism

5.1 The drive mechanism of the valve has sufficient stiffness to withstand the required moment, to ensure the stability of the butterfly plate when it is opened or closed, and to ensure that the butterfly plate can stay at any opening position stably. The material of the transmission mechanism and the shell is the same as the valve body, which improves the mechanical properties of the material.

5.2 Guarantee the processing and assembling accuracy of the parts in the secondary transmission box, and guarantee the self-locking function of the worm wheel and worm.

5.3 The force components of all transmission mechanisms shall withstand twice the rated moment without any damage, and the manual operating moment shall not be greater than 200N.m. For this reason, the structure design should be reasonable, the processing accuracy should be improved, the assembly should be meticulous, and the requirement of torque should be gradually raised.

5.4 The sealing performance of the gearbox is reliable. It is soaked in 6 meters deep water for 72 hours and operated under water for 10 times without water. The sealing grade is above IP68.

5.5 Handwheel is made of cast steel or tougher material with higher mechanical properties, which is removable. The direction of opening and closing is indicated on the handwheel. The surface of handwheel should be smooth, without burrs, nodules, pits and other surface quality defects.

5.6 The maximum force of manual handwheel opening or closing valve under rated pressure is not more than 300N.

5.7 The adjusting screw material of valve body and gearbox limit is made of martensitic stainless steel and tempered.

6, seal

6.1 Sealing between butterfly plate and stem

The design and manufacture of the sealing ring ensures that both directions can bear pressure when the butterfly plate is closed. The seal between butterfly plate and valve body adopts rubber soft seal. The contact part between valve body or butterfly plate and rubber sealing ring is processed after inlaying stainless steel ring or welding stainless steel ring, or better forming process. Material used above martensitic stainless steel materials. Rubber seals are all made of NBR and rubber rings are integrally moulded and meet the requirements of HG/T3091-2000. The sealing test shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant national standards.

6.2 stem seal

Choose durable material for shaft seals. The sealing method adopts more than two V-shaped sealing rings, NBR or EPDM. The sealing rings can be replaced without removing any parts of the valve body and operating mechanism.

More than 6.3 sealing tests and strength tests (1.5 times nominal pressure) of the two seals shall comply with the requirements of GB/T13927-92.

7. Coating

The surface of valve body and butterfly plate before anticorrosion is sandblasted and rusted to Sa2.5 grade, then the casting is heated before electrostatic spraying epoxy powder process, and finally dried and cured. The coating thickness is not less than 1.0 mm, but not less than 0.3 mm. The anti-corrosion inside the valve is sprayed to ensure uniform coating thickness, uniform color, smooth coating surface and no mark. For the use of open-air valves, the surface of epoxy coating should be coated with a layer of ultraviolet resistant acrylic paint (epoxy coating does not resist ultraviolet radiation).

Non-toxic epoxy resin coating or electrostatic spraying epoxy powder process are used for external corrosion protection of valves. The external color of valves is blue.

8. Performance requirements of sealing rubber

All rubber materials used in the valves shall have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, odor resistance, microbial erosion resistance and aging resistance. Their normal service life shall be at least 20 years.

Design and Manufacturing Acceptance Standards:

Manufacturing standard conforms to GB/T 12238-2008 standard for elastic sealing butterfly valve with flange and clamp connection

The structure length of metal valve meets GB/T 12221-2005 standard.

The design and manufacture of universal valve flange and butterfly valve with clamp connection conform to GB/T 17241.6-2008 standard.

The technical conditions of ductile iron castings for general purpose valves meet the GB/T 12227-2005 standard.

The marking and painting of the valve conform to JB/T 106-2004 standard.

General valve marking conforms to GB12220-89;

The static pressure life test procedure of Butterfly Valve conforms to JB/T8863-2004 standard.

Valve inspection and test conform to GB/T 13927-92 standard.

Standard GB/T 17219-200 for safety evaluation of drinking water conveyance and distribution equipment and protective materials;

Stainless steel bars meet the requirements of GB/T 1220.

Rubber Sealing Ring - Joint Sealing Ring for Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline: HG/T3091-2000;

Shell protection grade conforms to GB/T 4208-2008 standard

Part of the valve rotary drive device conforms to GB12223 standard.

7. (D342X) 10/16 Worm Gear Drive Soft Sealed Butterfly Valve Main Shape Connection Size Unit: mm

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