The working principle of the cut-off valve
May 15, 2018

The cut-off valve, also called Jummen, is used One of the most widely used valves, it is widely popular, because of the opening and closing process of the sealing surface friction between the small, relatively durable, open height is not easy to manufacture, maintenance convenience, not only applicable to the middle and low pressure, but also applicable to high pressure. The closing principle of the cut-off valve is to rely on the pressure of the valve to make the valve seal face close to the seat sealing surface and prevent the media from circulating. China's valve "three to" has stipulated that the cut-off valve flow, all used Top-down, so the installation has directional.

The cut-off valve structure length is larger than the gate valve, simultaneously the fluid resistance is big, the long-term operation, the sealing reliability is not strong. As one of the most important cut-off valves, globe valve plays an important role in the field of aerospace. As an important component of aerospace equipment, the cut-off valve realizes the functions of medium conveying, cut-off and adjustment, and its sealing performance directly affects the safe and reliable operation of aerospace equipment. This paper studies the influence factors of typical cut-off valve sealing characteristics and its influence law, which is of guiding significance to the structural design of valve sealing pair, thus improving the sealing performance and reliability of the valve.

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