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Angle Control Valves
Nov 23, 2018

Experience meets high tech

Angle control valves are most commonly used to let down pressure, regulate level and flow, three way mixing and distributive control forPTApolymers (PET & PBT, PU PVC etc.), coal and heavy oil upgrading, gasification and liquefactionsalt and brineurea, 3phase slurry handling, or high pressure acid leaching processes.

SchuF angle control valves are ideal for severe operating conditions with high flow rates, high pressure or temperature drops, corrosive & erosive substances, vibrations or where crystallisation can be an issue.  SchuF has developed over 20,000 special angle control valves. Each has its own specific characteristics tailored to the process control elements that are most important for it.


Angle Control Valve - Type 74CS

"ToughFlash" Angle Control Valve for pressure let down in Coal Liquefaction Process, 


Characteristics of SchuF Angle Control Valves

  • Proprietary Cv sizing for 3 phase flow

  • Continuous acceleration body design moves flashing from the body into the vessel, preventing cavitation as well as deposits in the valve

  • Integral plug and stem

  • Control characteristics optimisation using the SchuF Bell x³ Control Curve (linear and equal % also available)

  • Dead space free control

  • Unique patented spindle protector

  • Choice of inlet angle, 90, 45, or 60 degrees


Control Valve Options

  • Jacketed central body and integrated flushing options

  • Special material and surface treatments are available (see below)

  • Integrated & complete slurry line flushing from transfer inlet to angle control valve

  • Available in a fire safe version with certification to ISO 10497

  • Can be combined with Smart Positioners, Air Fail-Safe systems, and Automated Control Panel

  • Flexible design to meet diverse control process requirements based on over 4o years experience and CFD Simulation



Control Valve with heating jacket and bellowsControl valves in the workshop

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