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High Temperature And High Pressure Check Valve
Oct 31, 2018
Product   Usage
H44Y type, pressure rating:   PN10.0 ~ 42.0MPa, Class600 ~ 2500. DN scope: DN50~ 800mm NPS 2-32 in, these   valves are used to
prevent backflow of medium   in the fields of petroleum, chemical, natural gas, pharmaceutical, power   plants and smelting etc.
Applicable media:
Crude oil, natural gas and   steam etc with the temperature range of -29 ° C to 540 ° C.
Operation Mode
Product Features:
1.This type of valve uses   advanced flow straight through structure, which greatly reduced flow   resistance coefficient and energy loss
and significantly improved   valve life and performance.
2.The cavity of the valve is   self-tight seal structure with good sealing performance.
3.The seal surface of disc   and seat are overlaid by Stellite Cobalt-based hard alloy, which are wear   resistance, high temperature
resistance and corrosion   resistance and with anti-abrasion performance as well as long service life.
4.Valve pressure parts are   made of high quality heat-resistant alloy steel, which has good high   temperature performance, can resist
high pressure and durable,   safe and reliable.
5.The valve disc rotates   around the pin outside seat which can reduce violent impact when close it.
6.Built-in pin structure can   reduce external leakage and enable the use to be more reliable.

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