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Beijing Hosts Key Animation Expo
Dec 06, 2018

The National Library of China is hosting "Key Animation Expo." which features more than 400 original cartoon drawings and rare celluloid medium artworks including classic Disney animation films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Micky Mouse and Donald Duck, as well as popular Japanese anime like Detective Conan. Most works are exhibited for the first time in China. The event will last until October 14.

Key Animation Expo. (Photo/ Qian Ding)

Key Animation Expo. (Photo/ Alex Vision)

Key animation artists capture and define the characters' motions without completing details of the character. According to Cheng Xu, curator of the exhibition, a number of Mr. Walt Disney's hand-signed works are on display. 84 drawings are from the private collection of Mr. Archie Robin, the artist of Disney studios in the 1930s. They are provided by his daughter Marianne Robin.

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