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Detailed Classification Of Valves
May 15, 2018

The gate valve is divided into two types: wedge type and parallel type according to the structure of Gate board.

The Wedge type Gate has 3 kinds of structure: single gate, double ram and elastic gate.

The gate valve is divided into flat gate valve and knife type gate valve according to the different structure type.

Manual Gate Valve Working principle: Turn the hand round, through the handwheel and stem of the thread of the feed, retreat, lift or drop with the valve stem connected to the valve plate, to open and close the role.

According to the shell/Body material classification, Gate valve can be divided into:

Metallic materials valves: such as carbon steel valves, alloy steel valves, stainless steel valves, cast iron valves, titanium valves, Monel valves, copper alloy valves, lead alloy valves.

Metal Valve Body Liner valve: such as lined with plastic valves, fluorine-lined valves, lined with lead valves, lined with plastic valves, lined with enamel valves. Non-metallic materials valves: such as ceramic valves, glass valves, plastic valves.

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