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MOC Required Of Preventive Actions
Aug 07, 2018

-- MOC required of preventive action

Records of preventive actions shall bemaintained


6.5 Management review


6.5.1 General


In order to ensure the continuing and effectiveness,suitabilityand adequacy of QMS, General Manager shall take chair of themanagement review at least every 12 months. The review shall include QMS changes and modifications, includingquality policy and objectives. Quality dept. shall establish and maintain the“Management Review Control Procedure”.


6.5.2 Review inputs


Functional departments shall provide all related quality information for the management review, including the following executions and modifications:


a) effectivenessof actions resultingfrom previousmanagement reviews;


b)    results of audits


c)    changesthatcouldaffectthequalitymanagementsystem,includingchangesto legalandother applicablerequirements (such as industry standards);


e)       process performance

f)      results of risk assessment;

g) status of correctiveand preventive actions;

h)    analysis of supplier performance

i)      reviewoftheanalysisofproductconformity,includingnonconformitiesidentifiedafter deliveryoruse

j)      recommendations for improvement.


6.5.3 Review outputs


Management review outputs shall include following results and measures:


a)thesuitability,effectivenessandadequacy of quality management system


b)changesofprocess,decisions and actions


c)the improvement to productsin meeting customer’s requirements or change within organization


d) required resources


6.5.4Managementreviewshallberecorded,documentedandafterbeingreviewedand approved and distributed to related departments. Quality Dept. shall keep the 

records and reports


6.5.5ManagementRepresentativeshallbeinchargeofsupervision,assessmentand implementations, and report to general Manager.

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