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Eyeing Deeper Cooperation
Jan 14, 2019

Africa has witnessed rapid changes as well, including the eruption of civil wars and other challenges including widespread corruption and social instability, but Africans have overcome numerous difficulties to stand poised to enjoy a rise in economic and diplomatic prominence. Africa's sudden success story has been achieved in large part due to the Chinese government and companies, who believe that Africa can reap rich rewards from them in the long-term future.

Although skeptics have expressed concerns that investing and supporting deeper diplomatic ties with African countries are high-risk ventures, Beijing has ignored the naysayers and has not relented in forming a bond of friendship with the African people.

Starting in 2000, the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), was established to encourage African governments to maintain close contacts with the Chinese government and to collaborate on many projects together.

Since its founding, 53 sovereign nations of Africa have joined in, holding strong diplomatic ties with China and the African Union (AU), as of June 2018. Zhou Yuxiao serves as China’s ambassador to FOCAC and when speaking to Xinhua, he recounted the remarkable results and benefits stemming from stronger China-Africa relations.

"FOCAC supports the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith, along with the values of friendship, justice and shared interests," said Zhou. "China neither imposes its own will on others nor seeks its sphere of influence."

He added, "The concept of extensive consultation, joint contributions and shared benefits is upheld when China cooperates with African countries."

FOCAC has boosted the African economy as a whole with Chinese companies and investors helping to build more infrastructure, such as railroads, highways, and airports terminals, as well as upgrading shipping ports, oil & gas pipelines and fiber optics cables to integrate transportation, logistics, energy and digital communications networks for Africa's industrialization and modernization efforts.

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