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Forged Gate Valve
Aug 16, 2018
●Special requirement code: Body, bonnet bolt-jointed structure   (default)    Hs-body, bonnet   welded 
structure  Ps-pressure sealed structure    D-low temperature valve   
B-bellows   valve    E-body extended-end valve
● Valve type code:   Z—Gate valve
● Driving manner   code: 4—Spur gear transmission      5—Bevel gear transmission    6—Air   driving
6s—Take   pneumatically manually 7—Hydrodynamic driving    9—Electric driving (Hand wheel driving
 omitted)      9B—Explosion electric driving
● Connecting type   code:1—Interior whorl    2—Other   whorl     4—Flange    6—Welding   8—Bear 
 and insert welding 
●  Design feature code:1—Single-disc    2—Double-disc
● Sealing formation   code: Y—Hard alloy    H—Alloy   steel
● Pressure grade   code: The 10 times of the nominal pressure MPa, pound grade io practical   number
● Body material   code:
(1)Cast   the valve body: C—WCB      I—WC6、ZG1Cr5Mo      V—WC9、ZG20CrMoV P—CF8、ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti
R—CF8M、ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti    S—CF3      L—CF3M  F—LCB    N—LC3   
(2)Forge the valve   body : C—A105    E—LF2    A—F11      V—F22   
P—F304    R—F316      S—F304L    L—F316L         

Products design   features
Flanged ends cast   steel gate valve are used to cut or connect the pipe media under nominal   pressure
between   PN1.6~42.0MPa
(Class150~2500),   working temperatures ≤600℃. in oil industry, chemical industry, 
 power plants.
1、 Both design and   manufacture are carried out strictly following GB/T12234, API600 and   API602.
The products   feature a reasonable structure, reliable seal, good performance and nice   modeling.
2、 Co hard alloy   welded sealing surface, which is wearing resistant, erosion proof, abrasion   proof and long-lived.
2、 Co hard alloy welded sealing surface, which is wearing   resistant, erosion proof, abrasion proof and long-lived.
3、 The surface and   the adjusting media of the valve shaft are nitrogenized so that it is erosion  
and abrasion   resistant.
4、PN≥15.0Mpa (class900), the middle cavity uses a   self-tightening sealing structure to have the
sealing   performance reinforced along with the pressure rise so as to ensure the   sealing performance.
5、There is no   backward sealing structure in the valve, so the sealing id reliable.
6、 The material of   the filling and the flange size can be chosen and matched according to   the
applications and   the requirements of the use's. That can satisfies all kinds of working   requirements.

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