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Forged Gate Valve 2500lb
Aug 29, 2018

Model schedule illustration

● Series code: The series code of our company is SW
● Special requirement code: K—Antisulphur model
● Valve type code: Z—Gate valve
● Driving manner code: 4—Spur gear transmission 5—Bevel gear   transmission 9—Electric driving
9B—Explosion electric driving (Hand wheel driving omitted)

● Connecting type code: 4—The flange joining 6—To welding   joining
● Design feature code:7—Dark pole parallel single-disc
● Structure manner code: W—Non-diversion hole type (Diversion   hole type omitted)
● Sealing formation code: F—Intensified   polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)
● Pressure grade code: The 10 times of the nominal pressure MPa,   pound grade io practical 
● Body material code: C—WCB P—CF8、ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti   R—CF8M、ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti

Example1: SWZ47F-10C

Note: PN=1.0Mpa, spur gear actuated, flange connected inside   stem parallel type single-disc 

gate valve with flow guide hole, the body material is WCB and   the sealing face material is 

reinforced PTFE.

Example2: SW(K)Z67F-16C

Note: PN=1.6Mpa, manually actuated, butt-weld connected, sulphur   resisting inside stem 

parallel type single-disc gate valve with flow guide hole,the   body material is WCB and the

sealing face material is reinforced PTFE.

Products design   features

●The body uses a cast structure.
● The seat ring uses the floating seat ring structure with   o-seal ring sealed and 
pre-tightening force applied to have inlet and outlet dual-way   sealed; and the open-close 
moment with this structure is 1/2 that of the common valves   only, able to lightly open
and close valves.
● The seat ring uses the sealing face inlaid with PTFE, so has   dual seals of PTFE to 
metal and metal to metal, the PTFE sealing face also acts as   removing the dirt on the 
wedge disc.
● The wedge disc of the valve is always fitted with the sealing   face whether in full open 
or full close status to have the sealing face protected without   being directly eroded by 
the medium so as to extend the duration.
● When fully opened, the valve’s channel is smooth and linear,   with an extremely small 
flow resisting coefficient and no pressure loss, and the   pipeline can be cleaned with 
hair-ball through it.
● Automatic removal of the high pressure in the internal cavity   when the valve is about 
to close(see the working principle diagram for the details) so   as to ensure safety.
● Use a sealed gear-driving open-close indicating mechanism,   which is able to clearly 
show the open-close condition of the valve in a long term.
● The external surface of the directly built-in valve is   corrosion resisting treated with 
epoxy coal bitumen and can be the same duration as the pipeline.

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