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Gate Valve 150LB RF
Nov 26, 2018

Complete manufacture, testing inspection and supply of Cast swing disc Check Valves with bolted cover, with by pass and dash pot arrangement. The construction will be as follows:

a)      Body – Cast

b)      Body construction – Bolted

c)       Seat Ring – Renewable

d)      Type of Disc – Tilting disc

e)      By pass – Yes

f)       Dash pot – Yes

The mechanical will conform to the following:

a)      Body – ASTM A216 Gr. WCB

b)      Body seat ring ASTM A-182 Gr F6a

c)       Disc – ASTM A 182 Gr F6a

d)      Hinge pin – 13 Cr

The dimensions of flanges, drilling, machining & facing etc. as per BS – 1868

Size: 900 mm NB

Fluid – Cooling Water, Flow – 9000 m3/hr

Pressure rating: Class 150

°C - 70

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