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Quality Management System (QMS)
Sep 13, 2018

4.1.1    General


According to requirements of API SPEC Q1(9th),ISO9001:2008,PED(2014/68/EU), the Company shall establish the Quality ManagementSystemforallproductsandservicing providedforuseinthepetroleum and natural gasindustry and form related documents, carry out and keep a continuous improvement using process methods, as to satisfy customers requirements, and finally realize thesatisfactionstocustomers,social, staffs and related parts. It is the responsibility of QA/QC Department is responsible for organizing the establishmentand implementation of Quality Management System (QMS).


4.1.2    Quality policy


Hankering Outstanding, Continuous improvement, Quality First, Client Priority


4.1.3    Quality Objectives


1.The satisfaction rate of customers over 95%.

2.The first qualified rate offinished-product over 98%;




4.1.4    Quality Management System planning Quality Management System (QMS) shall be planned by General Manager or Management Representative, which shall assure necessary resources to realize the Quality Objectives.The planning outputs shall be documented. When planning and changing Quality Management System, General Manager or Management                           Representative  shall  maintain  the  integrity  of  the  Quality Management System (QMS). planning process is shown in the chart bellow






Requiredactivity         CompareQMSdocument      Preparepreliminarydocuments


Modify QMS documents


Required resource         Compare existing resource      Review resources & adjustment


Add and makeup recourses


4.1.5    Communications Internal communications

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