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Globe Valve J541Y-900LB
Oct 29, 2018
High   Temperature and High Pressure Globe Valve J541Y-900LB

Product Usage
Z541Y type, rating: PN10.042.0 Mpa, Class 600-2500DN: 50500mmNPS   220in,these valves are   used for truncation and
circulation for pipes in   the fields of petroleum, chemical, natural gas, pharmaceutical, power plants   and smelting etc.
Applicable media:
Crude oil, natural gas,   water and steam etc with temperature range of -29°C540°C.
Operation Mode
Manual, spur gearing, bevel   gear, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric
Product Features:
1.The seal surface of disc   and seat are overlaid by Stellite Cobalt-based hard alloy, which is   anti-abrasion, can resist high temperature
and corrosion and has good   anti-contusion performance and with long service life.
2.The stem after quenched   and nitrogen treatment it has good corrosion resistance and scratch   resistance.
3.Flange is sealed with a   metal ring gasket so it has good strength, reliable sealing and good   durability
4.For 900Lb 〜2500Lb cavity   we adopt pressure self-tight sealing structure. Valve sealing performance can   increase along with the rise
of internal pressure, so   it’s very reliable.
5.Down seal adopts   stainless steel screw connecting seal seat or body surfacing austenitic   stainless steel, which is reliable, and stuffing
replacement can be achieved   under non-stop condition, and the globe valve is convenient will not affect   the system operation.

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