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Three Oil Equipment Projects In Karamay
Nov 02, 2018
Three oil equipment projects in Karamay 

The three major oil equipment projects - Baosteel OCTG, Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe, Jiangsu Jinshi high pressure wellhead project, September 12 in Karamay Petrochemical Industrial Park completed and put into production. After the commissioning of the three projects, the petroleum equipment industry in Xinjiang was the "three pillars" of the potential annual output of OCTG, high pressure wellhead equipment of 40 million tons, will promote the new industrialization of Xinjiang "accelerator".

CPPCC vice chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the autonomous regional director of the Commission by letter, Wang Yongming, China National Petroleum Corporation Deputy General Manager Li Xinhua, attended the commissioning ceremony.

The central Xinjiang Work Meeting, Karamay based industries and geographical advantages, to create a "six bases Zhuchaoyinfeng investment selection, high starting point, high standard, three new industry, the two platforms to promote the construction of the world's oil city .

Three projects in the Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. OCTG project a project, just seven months to complete the construction tasks. After the completion of the project, the total designed annual production capacity of of 100000-120000 tons, two, three is completed, it will form a steel manufacturing base of the whole process from the hot to the heat treatment, testing to tube processing.

Baoji Steel Pipe Company is China's first large-diameter spiral submerged arc welded pipe producers. The company is focused on the national strategic layout, the first settled in Karamay, an investment of 340 million yuan, construction of Xinjiang Petroleum Steel Pipe production line. The pipe production line use of advanced pre-finishing welding process, to meet the needs of the market for high-grade steel, large diameter, thick wall steel pipe, one of the most state-of-the-art spiral welded pipe production line. The company's oil pipe project, the construction of the scale of the production line of pre-finishing of a spiral seam welded pipe production line and an internal and external corrosion, after the project is put into production capacity of 200,000 tons of annual output of steel pipe.

The Jinshi drilling equipment projects, by the national high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Jinshi Machinery Group to invest 3.2 billion yuan to build. Karamay Petrochemical Park settled, the company committed to the product oil wellhead equipment research and development, new technologies and the use of new technology, centralized production wellhead oil (gas) tree series flat valve. Put into operation after the market positioning of the Junggar, Tarim, Turpan-Hami, Santanghu Lake's four major fields and its surrounding areas.

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