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For over 50 years, Diantai has been providing engineered valves and steam traps to the oil and gas industry. Since the 1980s, we have constantly worked to make our valves the most reliable and repairable on the market. Today, our extensive range of gate, globe, check, ball, and triple-offset valves are installed in a broad range of the oil and gas industry's.

Daintai holds all major industry approvals, and is the brand of choice for many of the world's major oil companies. In fact, our valves are installed in almost 90% of Chinese oil refineries, and our installation base in all areas of the global oil and gas industry—from production to distribution to refining to petrochemicals —continues to grow.

It's also important to note that one of the most serious technical demands currently facing the valve manufacturing industry is controlling fugitive emissions, particularly from stem seals. 

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