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Cat Steel Strainer

The cat steel strainer is made of the cast steel with high quality that it is able to have the strong frame to make sure the stable operation with fine results. And it is resistant to water, corrosion, oxygen and chemicals, which is quite endurable with long service life that it can be used over and over again.
It is an important equipment in the transmission pipeline, which is usually working together with the water valve to protect the valves to make sure the stable operation. With the scientific design, it is convenient to operate with the comfortable using experience. And it is made with strict standards and high-quality control that it is of guaranteed quality, which is able to meet the international requirements.
The cat steel strainer is practical that it is applied to food, electricity, mining, smelting industries and so on. Wholesale service is available to provide that you can buy the premium products, which is one of the excellent solutions for that our company is one of the manufacturers of cat steel strainer, which is also a professional distributor.
  • Ansi Strainer

    Nominal diameter:15~400mm
    Nominal pressure:1.0/1.6/2.5Mpa
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  • Din Strinar

    Face to face dimension Standard: DIN 3205-F1
    Flanged Standard: DIN2531-2545
    Shell Pressure Test: 1.5 X PN
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  • Thread Strainer

    strong pollution resistance, easy sewage discharge; large flow area, small pressure loss; simple structure, small size.
    filter material, Austenitic 304, 316, 316L.
    connection situation: threaded, socket welding.
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